Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Development of a Positive Mental Attitude

This blog post is dedicated to giving you the basics of forming a positive mental attitude, to aid in the improvement of health and your overall quality of life.

Self talk psychology offers some explanation to why we succeed or not in life, health, weight loss, career, fitness etc. We need to understand our motivations, though, actions, behaviors a little better, in order to be happier, healthier, and more in-balance than ever before. Life is complex and demanding and we all need a personal strategy to cope and thrive in and throughout our lives.

There might be lots that we are currently doing in our lives that direly affect how successful, healthy, happy, fit, trim, interactive, fulfilled, balanced and well we are! Here is a list of things many people think about each day that may positivity or negatively impact their daily outcome:

• Empowering beliefs 
• Limiting beliefs 
• Support, network (or lack thereof) 
• Parameters, boundaries or limits
• Personal and professional relationships 
• personal health, illness, disease or threat to our well-being 
• Productivity, imbalances between work, life and home priorities 
• Self-full-filling prophesies demanding or out of control areas of our lives 
• Stress and anxiety 
• Things, past, present of future holding you back.
• Unrealistic expectations

Paradigm shifts and changing your thinking are all part of succeeding at changing you bad habits and patterns of behavior. Positive thoughts, and making the most of every situation positive and negative is key to living a happier and healthier life. Self-confidence and belief in your own abilities, competency and potential; can place your health and balance goals within your easy reach. You need to spend some time and attention on your own personal thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, choices, decisions, actions, and behaviors.

Most of the actions you can take to foster and enhance your health will have you making changes, altering, discarding, or replacing things within and around your life, to get the personal life and achieve the health that you want, need, and deserve.

You can realize your life and potential easily and reliably, act with confidence and strive for balance. This is self-empowering and enriching to your life, health and well-being. Inner-confidence and belief in your potential is all it will take. Educate and empower yourself to manage, use and master concepts and ideas for health. Make improving your health and well-being, a top priority in all you do, not only when you are sick or at risk, but in all aspects of your life. Being grateful and showing an attitude of gratitude for the things you already have in life is the fastest way to change your mental attitude and to attract positivity to your being.